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Decor – Anti-yellowing bleaching powder

Decor bleaching powder with an anti-yellowing action, indispensable to  carrying out any bleaching technique. Ideal for fast, intense and progressive lightening up to 7/8 tones.

Particularly suitable for natural and coloured hair. It is enriched with blue pigments that neutralise the unsightly yellowish shades typical of bleached hair. It ensures a professional result due to its intense lightening power, which still fully respects the hairdresser’s and client’s well-being. For proper use, we recommend reading the warnings and instructions on the use of the product.

For professional use

Size 500 g


Decor – Compact blue bleaching powder

Decor’s fragrant, compact, blue bleaching powder, suitable for gradual and progressive lightening of up to 7 levels. Its microgranule formula affords a viscosity that guarantees a low-volatility product.

Decor’s high stability promotes a bleaching process that is completely safe for both the hairdresser and client. Indispensable to any bleaching technique, it ensures absolute uniformity of results. For proper use, we recommend reading the warnings and instructions on the use of the product.

Professional use

Format 1000 g

VEGANOK certified, this product does not contain any animal derivatives and fully reflects vegan ethics.


Decor – White bleaching powder box 24 pcs.

Decor white bleaching powder ensures intense lightening by up to 7-8 tones, for easy use in balayage or with foils. The product’s uniform, progressive lightening action is due to direct intervention on the natural hair pigment.

The presence of moisturising and nourishing substances prevents the lightening treatment from damaging the hair, guaranteeing optimal performance in total comfort for both the hairdresser and client. Ekre white powder lightener comes in practical single-dose sachets with a concentrated formula.

For professional use

1:1 mix

Processing time: 30/50 minutes

Lightening tones: up to 7-8

Oxidising emulsion 20/30/40 vol.

Box of 24 single-dose sachets