Life.Force treatment for weak hair: an exclusive formula stimulates physiological activity and promotes the hairs natural growth cycle.
Combined use of the shampoo and lotion makes hair stronger and more resistant.

Life.Force - Weak Hair

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Life.Force – Energizing shampoo

Life.Force revitalising shampoo for weak hair. Enriched with a combination of active ingredients, it revitalises the scalp and stimulates the growth of strong hair. Exclusive nourishing agents ensure gentle cleansing without greasiness, leaving the hair naturally supple and protected. Regular use of Ekre shampoo for weak hair restores vitality and strength to even the the most fragile tresses. To maximise the revitalising effects of the treatment, the product should be used in combination with Life.Force vials: the shampoo cleanses and prepares the scalp and hair to enhance the action of the Ekre stimulating treatment program.

For professional use

300 ml size


Life.Force – Energizing treatment

Life.Force vial treatment is ideal to treat premature and frequent hair loss. It provides an intensive stimulating and toning action at the roots, ensuring better conditions for hair restoration. The product strengthens hair fibre while moisturising and regulating sebaceous secretion. Use of Ekre’s vial treatment will leave roots revitalised and perfectly hydrated. Ekre vial haircare program stimulates the cell metabolism, leaving hair looking thicker and healthier, while combating fragility which is a cause of early hair loss. After washing the hair with Life.Force shampoo for weak hair, apply the contents of one vial to the scalp. Massage in. Do not rinse off.


As per the VEGANOK certification, this product does not contain any animal derivatives and fully reflects vegan ethics.

For professional use

Pack of 10 single-dose 8 ml vials


Life.Force – Hair loss prevention kit

The Life.Force Kit revitalises hair: based on exclusive formulas, the synergistic action between the shampoo, energising treatment and scalp massager helps to fight hair loss and bring body and hydration to weak and thin hair.

The Kit contains a 300 ml bottle of the Energizing Shampoo, 10 x 8 ml single-use vials, and a Scalp Massager, which helps reactivate microcirculation and makes the hair stronger and shinier.