Flaxseed conditioner

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Ekre Flaxseed Conditioner provides essential moisture and repair for dry and damaged hair. Flax Seed has been carefully selected due to the high concentration of active ingredients in this plant extract: light and rich in mucilage and mineral salts, it effectively protects the health of the hair fibre.

Use of Ekre conditioner, applied to towel-dried hair after shampooing, will restore healthy hair: leaving the product to work for just a few minutes will allow the natural active ingredients of  Ekre Flax Seed conditioner to intensively nourish the hair, restoring radiance, softness and manageability to dry and damaged hair which will immediately feel nourished and full bodied.

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1000 ml size



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  • Hydrates and repairs the hair
  • High in beneficial active ingredients
  • Deep nutrition of the hair
  • Restores radiance, softness and manageability
  • Recommended for dry and damaged hair