Iron Fluid Control – Heat protection anti-frizz spray

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Project Iron Fluid Control is a smoothing anti-frizz spray for use when straightening or blowdrying hair. The spray illuminates and hydrates the hair without reducing volume.

The use of heat in styling treatments can severely damage the hair: Ekre spray provides heat protection, restoring healthy hair by supplying essential nutrients which penetrate the hair shaft. This repairs microdamage caused by excessive use of dryers and tongs, often leading to unsightly split ends. To prevent weakening and dullness, spray Iron Fluid Control evenly over the hair to protect against damage and restore lasting softness, silkiness and tangle-free shine.

150 ml size

VEGANOK certified, this product does not contain any animal derivatives and fully reflects vegan ethics.


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  • Repairs hair fibre and restores natural health
  • Protects hair against heat damage
  • Intensive anti-frizz action
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Weightless effect