Life.Force – Energizing shampoo

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Life.Force revitalising shampoo for weak hair. Enriched with a combination of active ingredients, it revitalises the scalp and stimulates the growth of strong hair. Exclusive nourishing agents ensure gentle cleansing without greasiness, leaving the hair naturally supple and protected. Regular use of Ekre shampoo for weak hair restores vitality and strength to even the the most fragile tresses. To maximise the revitalising effects of the treatment, the product should be used in combination with Life.Force vials: the shampoo cleanses and prepares the scalp and hair to enhance the action of the Ekre stimulating treatment program.

For professional use

300 ml size


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  • Revitalises weak hair
  • Enriched with a active ingredients compound to stimulate hair growth
  • Essential to maximise the effects of Life.Force treatment
  • Protects the hair and makes it more supple