Life.Therapy – Restructuring treatment

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Enhance your Life.Therapy ritual with a combination treatment comprising a Restructuring Serum and Activating Fluid. The moisturising and restorative action of the active ingredients contained in the formula ensures softness, shine and an incredible anti-frizz effect. A wellness elixir to revitalise hair, this Life.Therapy treatment combines a lightweight texture with outstanding results.

12 x 15 ml

VEGANOK certified, this product does not contain any animal derivatives and fully reflects vegan ethics.


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Step 1: Restructuring Serum

Contains Hemp protein and Rice bran oil, with a regenerating and moisturising action. When mixed with the Activating Fluid, it strengthens and compacts the hair cuticle, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

Step 2: Activating Fluid

Enriched with hemp protein and rice bran oil: active ingredients with elasticising and strengthening propertiesUsed in synergy with the Restructuring Serum, it helps to inject hair with elasticity and shine.

Instructions for use: mix the Restructuring Serum and the Activating Fluid together in a non-metallic dish for around 2 minutes, until a homogeneous emulsion is created. Apply with a brush to towel-dried hair, from the mid lengths to the tips and leave for around 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then apply the Restructuring Mask.

CAUTION: do not use heat sources with these products. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. Optimal activation and formation of the emulsion occurs at normal room temperatures (between 15 and 30° C). Crystallisation may occur at lower temperatures, although this is always reversible. In which case, shake well before use.

  • Incredible anti-frizz effect
  • Moisturising and restorative action
  • Enriched with Hemp protein and Rice bran oil