Naturé – Nourishing shampoo – 4.5 lt

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Naturé nourishing birch shampoo is a restorative treatment for all hair types. The high concentration of vitamins in the plant-extract based formula make Naturé shampoo ideal for revitalising dull and lifeless hair through deep cleansing of the scalp. Birch shampoo is a pleasant amber colour and has a delicate fragrance which will linger on the client’s locks all day long. When applied to damp hair, it produces a soft and creamy foam. Regular use of high vitamin birch shampoo will produce excellent, long-lasting results on all hair types. A salon essential, available in a 4500 ml bottle.

For professional use

4500 ml size


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  • Repairs and nourishes the hair
  • High concentration of vitamins
  • Deep cleanses the scalp
  • Delicate lingering fragrance
  • Effective and long-lasting results on all hair types