Naturé – Vegetal placenta

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Naturé vegetal placenta hair lotion promotes a natural self-repairing process for the hair. Its brand new formula has an intensive, multifunctional effect and is particularly recommended for the prevention of hair loss.

The placenta-based active ingredient repairs the fibre which stimulates the hair bulb, restoring biochemical balance and microcirculation on the scalp. Ekre lotion with placenta extract produces excellent results in the treatment of fragile and weakened hair, helping to strengthen the hair and combating hair loss.

For professional use

Pack of 10 single-use vials


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  • Combats and helps to prevent hair loss
  • Tones and revitalises the hair
  • Encourages self-repairing process
  • Stimulates the hair bulb
  • Recommended for fragile and weakened hair