Naturé – Mineralizing oil

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Naturé mineralizing oil is a new-generation treatment created by Ekre laboratories for dry, demineralised hair with split ends. The product can be injected onto the hair thanks to its practical vial applicator, and will restore softness, volume and shine by repairing damaged areas of the hair shaft.

Its restorative action is based on a formula enriched with mineralising salts that have outstanding moisturising properties: by rehydrating and repairing the hair’s essential lipidic layer, Naturé mineralising oil drastically reduces dryness and restores the lost layer of moisture. This cosmetic remedy is recommended for use before and after chemical treatments which weaken hair fibres as it gently revitalises, creating body and rejuvenating the hair. Rinse off after use.

For professional use

Pack of 10 single-use vials


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  • Repairs damaged hair fibres
  • Ideal for use before and after chemical treatments
  • Gives softness, volume and shine
  • Intensive hydrating and moisturising action
  • Ideal for dry and demineralised hair with split ends.