Color.wipe – Universal hair colour stain remover

Ekre universal stain remover is designed to gently remove colour stains from the skin after hair colouring treatment. Powerful cleansing action is combined with the nourishing and purifying effects of the formula’s active ingredients: Omega 9 intensifies skin cleansing while preserving natural elasticity, eliminating any risk of irritation.

Ekre universal stain remover is also enriched with vitamin E, a moisturiser which balances the skin’s natural layer of moisture. Exceptional stain-removing properties, which perfectly remove any trace of colour, are combined with soothing qualities to care for the skin during cleansing.

For professional use

200 ml size



  • Removes any trace of colour
  • Intensive moisturising action
  • Deep cleansing, leaving no trace of colour
  • Formula enriched with Omega 9 and Vitamin E
  • Cares for the skin

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