Decor – White bleaching powder box 24 pcs.

Decor white bleaching powder ensures intense lightening by up to 7-8 tones, for easy use in balayage or with foils. The product’s uniform, progressive lightening action is due to direct intervention on the natural hair pigment.

The presence of moisturising and nourishing substances prevents the lightening treatment from damaging the hair, guaranteeing optimal performance in total comfort for both the hairdresser and client. Ekre white powder lightener comes in practical single-dose sachets with a concentrated formula.

For professional use

1:1 mix

Processing time: 30/50 minutes

Lightening tones: up to 7-8

Oxidising emulsion 20/30/40 vol.

Box of 24 single-dose sachets



  • Lightens hair by up to 7-8 tones
  • Does not damage hair fibre
  • Guarantees progressive, uniform lightening
  • Concentrated formula
  • Enriched with nourishing and moisturising ingredients

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